[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Spent the day nest farming. Didn’t get the 100% of what I’m farming again/still but came away with with the Sun to go with the Moon found in the clean up from last nights/morning Gym tear up session.


It’s been something of a soft goal to get a hundo one of these since they were occupying gyms so much back in the old days. XD


Caught on an incense, and quite shocked at that.


Will you keep it?


Of course. First one.


It’s only taken 7194 to get a Lucky one and only 4th perfect from Trading.


Craniados to Raticate are this years addition.



Only my second weather-boosted Zekrom raid (the first being on the first day, weeks ago). This one was much better than that first was.


My first Lundo! :star_struck: :four_leaf_clover: :100:


Today has been a big day for 100%

Found this one when cleaning catches back to Saturday.

Found this one during that clean up from last nights Gym busting session after work.

Got this one at home after the Gym busting.

This one also at home after a sleep just before heading off to work.



EDIT: One day later…

Discord peeps come through again!


I normally don’t double post this soon, but since this is now my 150th unique hundo, it’s time for a montage! HOWEVER, at the same time I caught this one, I caught the Starly! I know the timers don’t agree, but according to the Recent filter, the Weedle was caught before the Starly. Therefore, to keep this tidy, the Staraptor won’t appear in the montage below this time to keep it at an even 150. Don’t worry; he’ll obviously be back when I do the montage for 165.


Some fun facts (Staraptor is excluded):

  • 15 Pokemon later, Water-types have taken a slim lead with 26 total, with Normal-types just behind at 25. Fairy and Ghost have tied for last at 5 each.
  • Kanto still dominates the representation with 45 species. Hoenn struggles to keep up with 37.


Topmost two are new… yay…


New hatch while I was waiting for a Kyurem raid:


A threshold has been reached: I now have all the Eeveelutions with perfect IVs. All I wait now is to evolve my final hundo Eevee into Sylveon.


Very nice, you going to power them to L40?


Of course! Sooner than you might think.


I look forward to welcoming you to the 100% L40 Eevolution club.