[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


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I’m not-so-low-key excited about this one. Victreebel is my favorite Grass-type Pokemon ever.


This is the 3rd 100% and second 100% Eevee spawn at home within 2 weeks.

Picked this up With some Discord help while Out tearing up the new local Gyms.


My first ten Kyurem raids produced only a couple of mediocre ones and a bunch of :poop:.
But then I snagged this today on my eleventh.



Poli from Research 🧪
Sui from Giovanni’s balloon :scream_cat:


That’s fierce!



GoPlus surprise while doing Gym run after work.


On the second raid of dinner hour tonight I got my second perfect Kyurem. :smiley:
No big deal that it wasn’t weather-boosted.


One down, one to go…


If Petili is ‘The Bulb Pokémon’ does that make Bulbasaur ‘The Petal Pokémon’ ? :thinking:

From the ‘Catch 6 grass pokes’ quest.


I LITERALLY did the same thing and got it myself! D:!


Two perfect Gastly from today’s CD! :100: :star_struck: :four_leaf_clover:



Yesterday I caught my third one of these. :smiley:


Surprise in my house :star_struck: :100:



This one from a remote raid half-way across the country (1800 miles away).