[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


A hatch! I even hatched a third hundo Piplup right after this one, but that’s not NEARLY as cool as this!


Another Hundo, yet again from Field Research.


That’s a good one


I got more hundo from field research than egg hatch


Same, most of my Hundos are from Field Research. More than wild encounters, too.


Of the 142 I’ve caught so far, here’s the breakdown:

  • 90 have been Wild Catches
  • 28 have been hatches
  • 15 have been from Field Research
  • 5 have been from Raids
  • 4 have been from Team GO Rocket and Purified

In fairness, about half the wild catches were from information I got from my Discord peeps who report hundos caught and even placed coordinates.


That’s a good group, here nobody tells you about this.


I purified this because of my budget for Stardust and Rare Candies, save some dust, and Hatched something amazing!


I don’t keep track of that lol


Technically, I don’t either, but I have a pretty good memory. I keep a spreadsheet with gives the stat breakdown of every Pokemon I have and I can sort it based on their stat precentages. Based on that, I can go through and remember which Pokemon were encountered in each category.

EDIT: Make that 91, caught inside my own apartment. Caught as a Venipede, but forgot to take the pic before evolving.

EDIT2: Again, just outside the apartment. One hour of rainy weather that definitely wasn’t accurate summoned this one.


New purified hundo! A repeat of before but at a MUCH better level:


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How many from TRADES? I just traded some :poop: between my main and alt, just hoping to get improvement in IV, and was thrilled to see the useful one go :100:

Before I evolve it I need to ask whether its evolved form is slated for meta obsolescence in the near future, or if Metagross will continue to be a good raid attacker for a while. Is that speculative or known? I can’t spare the dust to max this out only to have it relegated to the Pokéretirement home.


We’ll have to see how Solgaleo, Zacian and Zamazenta fair, but for now, Metagross will be the king of Steel-types for quite some time.

And I have NO hundos from Trades. Never been that lucky.

I hatched another hundo Grimer (Kanto) today, but I didn’t care enough to take the picture since I already have one. XD


With how insane Meteor Mash is, Solgaleo’s attack wont let him beat it without getting a flying-press copy in Sunsteel Strike or something like that, so it is pretty safe


Hatched a bunch of Eggs today and not for nothing! I got this from the ‘Hatch 15 Eggs’ Research!


A Weedle which I accidentally transfered… Thank god it was just that - a Weedle


My first raid after the Weedle event wasn’t bad.