[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Halleloo! I finally caught a hundo one of these! I have a complete Hoenn Starter hundo set!

A few hours later:

Another one in the bag, and it’s my 135th unique hundo, which fills out another page. Time for a montage!


Some quick facts:

  • Water-types still continue to dominate with 25 represented, with Normal-types still in second place with 23 represented! Ghost-types are now the least represented with still only 4.
  • Kanto has soared ahead in the lead with most represented with 41 total! Hoenn is in a comfortable second place with 33. Sinnoh and Johto are tied with 25.


Not being weather-boosted or shiny makes this less than perfect in my book.

But it IS a legitimate hundo, and not a research reward, so I guess it does belong here…


Take what you can get. You may have to spend more on Stardust, but it’s a solid number 2 Rock-type Attacker, something that could do VERY well against the likes of Reshiram and Kyurem.




Number 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


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Takes my tally up to 13


Aw, never mind. First Reshiram was a weather-boosted hundo, and I watched it flee. Wanted to post the screen shot to prove it was real, but I need to show more respect for the topics than that. Profound apologies…


Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

I FINALLY got one of these! I’ve been hunting down Sierra exclusively for this.


Got this from a quest.


Just hatched!

EDIT: Later that night…

And you can float too…



Flame on! :fire: :dragon:


Congrats! You’re the fourth I’ve seen get that, but the first I’ve seen who didn’t have it flee. :star_struck:


Thanks @vorgriff3 :grinning:
It burst out of 2 excellent curves but was caught on a great :man_shrugging:
I guess I was lucky it came along after the distance shift too.
Sorry that yours ran :slightly_frowning_face:… hope you score another :+1:


Yay… I guess… I don’t think even the Mega can save this guy


He’s not that bad as a Rock-type attacker. With Rock Throw and Rock Slide, he’s just behind Tyranitar. He’s just a little delicate. Should it get a Mega Evolution in the game, he should get a nice boost. He’s proven to be a nice asset for me.

Anyway, I ended up getting this guy a little while ago, but forgot to snap a pic before evolving:



Thing is, Tyranitar is already relatively low and I powered them up before adopting your “one or two Maxed mons per species” thing so I have like 2 with another one (shiny) on the way :sweat_smile:


Definitely save it, but i wouldnt use it (if you have acces to better options). Its slower than alot of other rock attackers in raids, and dies alot faster.


First Unova starter!