[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


First cleanup hundo, normally I find out just after I catch/hatch/obtain/whatever it:


Caught as a Croagunk, Discord peeps let me know this was only two blocks from my apartment!

Much later…

This guy–as a Hoppip–spawned right inside my apartment! :smiley:


And another cleanup hundo. I am not complaining.


Not a bad way to close the month, and even more so, this is my 120th unique hundo! Here we go!


Obviously the three Eevee are still awaiting to get their forms, but I’m working on that after I get my current buddy evolved. (It’s a 98% Karrablast).

A few quick stats:

  • Water-types continue to dominate the field with 22 out of 120; Normal-types are second with 21 (excluding the Eevee).
  • Fairy, Fire and Ghost are tied for the least representation with 4 each.
  • Kanto Pokemon make up 33 out of 120–not including the repeat Eevee. Hoenn is nipping at its heels with 30 representing.


Today I encountered a Tangela from the research quest. Would upload a screenshot but it’s too big and I cba to edit it down.


If your on iOS @HoddzDJ bottom right App is really quick and simple to use for resizing.



I have another complete set! I have both Kantonian and Alolan Ninetales now! :smiley:


New set finished! A complete set of Kanto starters! [dances.]


One Zubat that was worth the bother to catch…


I’m feeling a little slee–zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…




One of today’s task rewards, later evolved to complete another task…


It’s been a while since I’ve actually caught a wild Hundo.


I’m actually quite happy that I found this guy. If I can get a hundo Chikorita, I’ll have a complete set of hundo Johto starters! :smiley:


Nice to have a hundo Machop. Hoping for shiny Machop soon.


My Discord peeps warned me of one a few blocks from me, and when I arrived, I don’t know whether to thank them or kill them:

Thankfully, it only took five catches to find it.


Raid hour. Would’ve rather had a shiny… but this is not bad as a consolation prize…:100::sunglasses:


The fact that it’s showing its butt to you is the freaking cherry on top.


Thanks to Discord, only few streets around the corner from home.