[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Got a hundo Mime…


Thanks to some Discord community help.
Was only 5min drive from home.


Perfect Stunky?

An ironic microcosm of a perfectly stinky event. Though highly anticipated shinies made their debut, I lost count of the number of players at raids who reported having raided dozens of Darkrai without a single shiny. And I didn’t meet a single player who had even seen a shiny Skorupi in game play.


Hatched both of these last week and forgot to post it, better late than never though lol


Omg this was my first catch of the day today


Assorted hundos from the last couple o’ days…


Not bad for a weekend, eh? At least one of them is worth spending some of that stardust to max out, anyway.


Well, here he is now… all growed up… still needs a fair few candies and a wad of dust to max him out though… :grinning:


I was very lucky to get this one. I jumped into the raid in the last minute! :star_struck:


Another two… doughboy :doughnut: and big buzz :helicopter:


After over two months of not encountering a perfect, the very last Regigigas EX Raid until it goes into hiatus and WHAT?!?!

Regigigas is now my 90th unique perfect! Time for a montage:



Got it from league rewards


Egg hatch :egg: :100: :star_struck:


A couple more. Iron Chicken and Chargrilled Chimp :grinning:


Hope u caught the iron chicken as it is since it is over GL cp cap



its 100% so it wouldnt be (that) good for GL anyways.


It came that way. I’m such an ungrateful so-and-so that I didn’t really celebrate it being a hundo - I just moaned about it not being shiny! :crazy_face:

Regarding GBL… I haven’t really played since I got my scraggy in pre-season… :man_shrugging:


You really should. Rank 7 or higher gives the Elite TM as end of season reward.


I got it from the Genesect research! :star_struck: