[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


That’s been my plan for months before the CDs get here. Farm the crap out of the nests that have the starters well before the CD’s arrive in hope of catching a 100% or Trade for one. The Trading option hasn’t worked out very well until today.


Just as I was about to leave for work this came up in my Pogo best friend’s back yard only 6min on the drive to work away.

Not sure how many believe in or herd of rare spawn points?
Her place gets an unusually high amount of 100% and un common Pokémon spawns.


Lucky hundo Aron… it might be the go-to family of choice as far as the game’s battle party recommendation is concerned, but it certainly ain’t my favourite.


In my office tonight. Already have a 100% one of these.


Apparently, this was waiting in my Research Queue for me to catch it.


February brings a new shadow legendary task… so it was time to purify this…


Found this while cleaning the collection of stuff caught doing Rat Day.


This spawned after I’d finished a Raid. What am I going to do with a 3rd one?


Send it in a parsel, here no chance to get it…


Found this buzzing around my beehive earlier today… ought to be hibernating still… :honeybee:


Hatched Saturday while nest farming.




I actually got a hundo Minccino which I discovered after I caught all my stacked Pokemon (I also got lots of candy)


Some Local Discord help with this one last night only 5min drive from home.


So apparently I caught this from a Field Research yesterday. Actually didn’t need a Clefairy, especially because it was boosted during the Valentine’s Event, but the task was very easy to do, and I’m glad I did it.


Nice surprise from last evening: a wild-caught hundo Snubbull, already level 32, and with a good move set. It should be helpful for my Fairy-type attack team, at least until gen 6 or 7 brings Fairy types more formidable than Togekiss and Gardevoir.


Perfy Natu… watoo!?!


My first raid of Sunday afternoon was just a bit more successful than I had first noticed…


Queenie was a trade from the cat.
Party Hat Hundo (shall I call it a PHUNDO?) was from the first raid today. :grinning: