[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


So many hrs/weeks/months of farming nests and 100’s of failed trades one was finally caught nest farming this afternoon.


Nice one!


Nice. Good timing aswell with CD next weekend.


Hatched a perfect froglet on Sunday. :egg::frog::date:


I think that was a Field Research encounter, but major kudos just the same!


256 is a field research encounter indeed. Have 2 of them as well from Lotad research day, from which I evolved 1 into a dancer.:dancing_women:


@Arem1771. @Autofan1985
You’re right of course! Well spotted :eyes::grinning:


Couple o’ lucky hundos in the last couple o’ days. Got from trading with Mrs c.


Found this one while cleaning up the catches from the last few nights.
Guess it’s a long wait now for the day it can get the good move.


I wonder if I will ever find a Shundo Sneasel. I have many Shiny Sneasel and Hundo Sneasel already.


Maybe just confine them by pairs for a few weeks and let nature take its course?


Caught another one of these last night, but since I already have one, this won’t count to my collection. I DID however help my hubby get the same spawn, so now he has one.


I had this nice little Eevee waiting by my front door when I got home last night. Having more than enough of every eevolution form already, I may take my time deciding how to evolve this (or even whether to evolve it at all).


There is Sylveon in Gen 6, so that might be a choice.


Found this infesting the houseplants today…

…considering it’s 1.07 metres tall it is remarkable I didn’t see it earlier! :grin:


This was a happy prize on my last raid of the day.


From a 3x Great Throws quest.
Done a lot of these over the months and finally got the good one.


No 100% in 3600 Trades then on 3626 the drought was broken.


I have gotten at least 3 hundo Gastly from that quest


keep that one for his CD, which i expect to be in may 2020