[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


This weeks research was a 4* Kyogre


Very nice!!


First Shadow one :grinning:


I have a 100% shadow Bulbasaur before purifying, I don’t tend to purify it.


It’s Xmas day here now, well almost Xmas lunch by now. This has been dropped off at home by the game.


Just got this from a Quest, pity it’s not Shiny.


Another Field Research Hundo. If only it was Shiny… :sweat_smile:


About as spectacularly useless as a hatch can be - but a hundo is a hundo…


First hundo of 2020! :smiley:


One extra Will come soon after Purifying.


Got this today from a Team Rocket Admin, and I’m playing the wait game once again for December 2020 in hope to get Outrage for this one. I’ll be holding onto my current hundo Salamence in the meantime.


I hatch way more Hundos than Shinies. :sweat_smile: Quite a shame it was from Japan, though. That could have been many km’s… But I am happier with a Hundo.


It’s not a bad hundo either, so kudos!



Not a bad Fighting-type. Hits pretty hard if not a little flimsy.


After a sprinkle of Holly Water.


Hundo lopsy just showed up in the garden.

Thing is… it’s my third and I ain’t gonna just leave it hanging around cluttering up my storage… so it looks like the professor is having the finest quality rabbit stew tonight! :man_cook::rabbit2::shallow_pan_of_food:


Really hope you’re transferring the lopunny


My “secondary” account got a 15-13-13 shadow Bulbasaur, definitely purifying this one