[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


You dont like your luck? Id take it
And Ive found 4* to be the best way to check Mons


Did someone mention hundo green burmy? :wink:
Just got this from a trade with Mrs. c…


And it’s a Female too.
Only just learnt today only the Females evolve to Woradam’s and all Males regardless of which Burmy they are end up as the same Mothim.


Have to have some luck in the game at some aspect of it because mine certainly sux when it comes to Trading, Egg Hatching, Shinies and Raiding.


Got a pink burmster today… and another female too! I’m just missing the white ‘un now… :exploding_head:


Caught wild just before a Terrakion raid last night, and just in time for the December Community Day extravaganza. Even though it would have been more ideal to have it female (since the Gardevoir tends to be more useful to me in raiding than Gallade), I’m still glad to get the hundo.


Well, you can have a Gardevoir if you dont mind having a male Gardevoir
Ive maxed out a female Machamp :sweat_smile:


Thanks for reminding me – I’d forgotten about that, already.


I’ll be evolving my 100% Male Ralts to a Gardivor as they are quite useful where as my 100% Gallade has no use to me whatsoever.


Hundo Bagon


Evolve it this weekend to get Outrage! Much better than Draco Meteor.


Yeah, think I’m gonna do that. Used all my candies on my shinies so gonna need to hope for more spawns of then tomorrow to get that done, got three candies left :joy:


Yikes! Good luck to you!


Hatched this little hundo bruiser on Saturday evening. Question: with all stats being equal does that mean it’ll be Hitmontop? Or will it be a random Hitmon…?


Is there a question mark next to the “Evolve”?


Random, I think that you get Hitmontop if the HP is the highest


Sprinkled some Holly Water on a 98% Shadow.
5th Purified 100%
3x Bats
1x Shuppet
1x Magnemite


@Mew1 @Necrozmadabest Thanks for replies :grin:
Yes there is a “?” - so random it is!
Thinking about it :thinking: a hundo would have to be random… if it favoured one type then you wouldn’t be able to get the others except via trading… and a “hundoDEX” would become even less possible.


I mean… It’s something… And Arlo gave me a Scyther that’ll be 98% when purified


He’s a few days too late…