[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


I get like 5k a day with heavy casual play (or light casual play?)
And I dont really have a reason to purify it anyway


It’s your call; I was just trying to make it seem less expensive than it is. Perspective, you know.

And for the first time, I have a complete set of hundo starters within a generation! [dances.]


Got a hundo Chimchar and Kyogre, Magikarp is from a while back, but I didn’t update my list with it




Looks like I caught this a few days ago. Didn’t notice it until now. I already had a Hundo Rat too… :sweat_smile:


Zwijndrecht, around the corner here. :slight_smile:


Got this during event and didn’t know it


My first ever Purified Hundo! It was actually my first ever Shadow with 3* as well, I believe; I usually get bad IV Shadow Pokemon.

The best of all is that I got this one from the PokéStop in my home.


Thank god it’s a male! This Pokemon is the only one I’m picky about gender and it’s because of THOSE LIPS!! DX


Another Hundo - from a research this time.



Pity it’s not Female


Caught a few whilst in the States… traded with the missus and BAM! Lucky Hundo!! :grinning:



It seems like all Combees are just dex fillers. Are the female Combees more useful than the males in any way? Or just rarer?


Vespiquen is marginally better than Combee but still not a good Bug-type.

New hatch!


Only the Female can be evolved.


Just in time for Community Day. And also I got it just before the Raid Hour ended. :sweat_smile:


One found from clean up of last nights catches between Gym Bashing. Pays to iV check everything.

Picked up today.

Don’t like my luck in getting the Green one.