[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Yeah, those overly-cheerful and bouncy bastids are annoying as hell and can sometimes be harder to keep inside a ball than even Darkrai. Congratulations on getting one that’s perfectly annoying.


And may we who have less than others count our blessings and remember those who make due with even less than us.


My husband has less hundos than me, but he has some great hundos, so he has quality, while I have quantity mainly.


Picked this one up yesterday.
Very happy but it will be a long wait for the CD for the evolution.

Picked this one up this morning. Catching heaps of these for nothing with 3 stars then this surprise comes up.


This one has eluded me for a very long time.
I’ve been trading all 650-1000cp Gastly from the other family members trying for a 100% without any luck then find this :grinning:


Yes! :star_struck:


Want. lol


From yesterday


Caught a hundo Gastly for both the main and raid acounts
Never gonna power him up though


Can’t get a Shiny this event (nothing new with this) but doing great with 100%.
Found this when cleaning the account this morning of last nights catches from a trip up the shops.



Czech Republic? Only 1 000 kilometres west north west and you are here lol


Some many Aron, Swinub, Magnemite and Geo but in amongst all them was this. Was nearly going to ignore it as I’m still trying for first Shiny Aron and Magnemite.


Hundos by recency.
Got the Feebas from eggo and the Blitzle from trade today.
There’s a few others on the list I never bothered posting out of sheer idleness… ho hum…


Got my first purified hundo today! I purified it as a Venonat and evolved it afterwards.


From a Rocket Grunt tonight.


I dont think I’ll purify her, too expensive


It doesn’t take long to regain 3,000 Stardust, you know. 6 Rocket battles, actually. I get about 30,000 Stardust a day of casual play.


I’m inclined to leave it un-evolved, since I consider Parasect to be neither visually appealing nor useful.


Couple of new additions to the collection in the last 24hrs.
First one was picked up after doing a Rocket Stop on the way home from our weekly night of Gym busting.

The second one was after CD and a few surprise T4’s again on the trip home.