[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Oddly enough, my 100% Staraptor is one of my personal favorites. lol


I would love for a hundo Staraptor, but the lack of Sky Attack makes me sad. XD


Caught this during trapinch CD. Really happy because crobat is one of my favorite mons


The Flygon on the left is the hundo I caught on Community Day. The Trapinch on the right is a lucky hundo from trading the CD detritus with Mrs. c…



Pretty much within an hour, and the Gastly was an Incense spawn, one that spawned on my very first Incense that I used for this event. Ergo, that Gastly was the first one I caught for this event and it was a HUNDO?!?!


[head desk.]

This was a hatch.



Got my first Hundo Sneasel and my second Hundo Gastly yesterday. I did also get a CP117 Magikarp from Field Research, but it appeared to be the 98% and not the Hundo. :persevere:


2nd hundo magikarp


Present from Niantic! :gift: :star_struck:


I don’t have many but got two in the last day in the form of a Pichu and a Ponyta.



Hatches have been too good to me this last week, but I’m sure this is eating into my Darkrai IV luck.


Another Research Hundo! And the research after this one was a Shiny Spinda. :rofl:

Got a Hundo Sneasel from a Research last week, too.


Rescued this spooky shuffler from the grunts this arvo. Had to sprinkle a little holy-water-magic-pixie-dust on it to make it perfect :grin:




@Branebs SNAP!!! :astonished::grin:


I honestly hate catching these guys–I only will for the Stardust since it’s 375 a pop on Sunny Days normally–but this was nice to catch.

This was number 84, and I know I promised to create a whole new set of pictures once I got there, but my new phone can display up to 15 Pokemon a page, so we’re going to wait until I catch 90.


Meanwhile Im sitting here with like 30 hundos at most lol