[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Forgot to mention, Ive got a perfect Furret, maybe I will max out this long boi one day


Hatched last night :grinning:


Perfectly chiseled nose.

Got it from the new World Tourism research task.


Research reward.


And now… Ive got a Spinda
Better than nothing I guess?


I caught a wild hundo Exeggcute, maybe one day Psychic will be available again on Exeggutor, who knows? :sweat_smile:


Uh…it CAN learn Psychic.


Oh yes, Psychic is not legacy on Exeggutor but Confusion is.


I was cleaning out my stack and found these 2:



Found another one in the stack.





It’s only level 10 and not exactly remarkable from any fighting standpoint; but it’s my first hundo zigzagoon.


A hundo is a hundo. Next to Patrat, Zigzagoon is the only “Rattata of its generation” that I don’t have a hundo for yet. XD


The game rewarded me with this hundo that spawned at my house! :star_struck:


I was pretty lucky with this one. It was in a construction zone and my GPS drifted just enough for it to spawn. Since it was a wild spawn, I always go for them when they spawn, and I was fortuitous.



Hatched today while at work. Not a bad Flying-type either.


A few hundos since my last post… nothing much to shout about. Already posted the Farfetch’d so I squiggled it out.