[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Unfortunately it was a male


Caught my second 100% Oddish tonight.


Pretty much within an hour of each other. Not a bad Community Day.


:star_struck: Thanks, @Cup!


Hatched a perfect Tepig. My first perfect Gen 5 Pokemon already! :slight_smile:



Got a 2382 Mewtwo, still no shiny
Its like my 8th perfect legendary


Pretty sure perfect is 2387. Functional perfects don’t count.

First Unova hundo!


A 2382 is identical to 2387 so its stats are still perfect


The topic calls for perfect-IV Pokemon, as the original poster asked for 100% Pokemon. So-called functional perfects do not qualify. If they don’t show up in the 4* filter, they don’t belong in this thread. Stop bending the rules to fit your agenda. It screams of desperation and is unacceptable.

Your post fits the Ultra Bonus topic better.


The topic calls for perfect Pokémon - and a Pokémon that is every bit as perfect as a hundo is still a perfect Pokémon
“It screams of desperation”
What the Distortion World are you even talking about :rofl:


Tell me, what makes a hundo special to you? The fact that its literally the best version of the species or because they have a tiny bit higher CP, even if its actually equally as strong?

But, ok, if by “perfect” you mean Pokémon with the highest CP, then so be it, I will only post 4* Pokémon from now on


Obviously its not, since its 5 CP less…
A 2382 is a 15/15/14. You will see this if you appraise it.

Its an awesome Mewtwo, sure. But its not a perfect 100%


It has the same stat, 180HP once maxed, as a hundo
So it is perfect since there is no difference


If 14 and 15 HP in IV give the same amount of HP under the line then I understand the discussion why it isn’t perfect indeed. My best Mewtwo was a 96% 15-13-15, but at least it is a green one too. :slight_smile:



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Please get back on topic.


Sorry, was just replying to what he said



Got this on the last of 5 Mewtwo raids this morning.