[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


Indeed, but I do have plenty of other hundos that fall within the category. People absolutely fear my Nidoqueen, and that was before it learned Earth Power. Another one they fear is Blastoise, and it doesn’t even have Hydro Cannon.


Is there something else other than granbull that is viable as fairy in great/ultra?? Togekiss or gardevoir maybe?


Gardevoir and Togekiss both go into the 3000s. Clefable however should suffice since it maxes out at 2437.


I missed a perfect Snorlax last night that was posted on our local discord. I pulled up and a another trainer said it had just despawned :sob:


That’s gotta burn.
First one reported on ours shortly after lunch today.
Stuck in work and too far away from work as well :tired_face:
I’ve got a pile of catches from last night and this morning that I haven’t IV checked yet. Not holding out much hope though.


Havent caught a perfect in ages, I think the last one couldve been Rayquaza


Caught a perfect Bronzor yesterday.


Feelsbadman. Had it a few times with weather change. The moment the realization sets in… hurts.

Post your Shundo

Just got this one minutes ago, traded from my daughter’s account.

I did not know that it is possible to have a 100% from trading…

Post your Shundo

Did you check for it, anyway? Things run real-time but aren’t exactly in sync between trainers, I suppose because it takes time to send the same event notification from the server to each trainer. I’ve noticed that running two accounts, every spawn happens several seconds apart (up to a minute for some things). It’s worth checking in case your trainer is behind the other in getting the despawn event.


100% Catchrate is gone but luckily this wasnt the one who broke that streak.
Still no shiny yet so we just keep going on.



A sleeping beauty from yesterday… 2811 CP when caught too!


I haven’t caught a perfect anything in a really long time now …


My Rhydon was just Monday for me


Wife saw a Magikarp pop up while we were doing a slow drive past a heap stops topping the ball count up before heading home for the night. Turned around to catch the Karp hoping for Shiny (no Shiny) and caught this sitting right alongside it.


My perfects so far (16):

Alolan Sandslash
Shuckle (lol)

I have 47 with 97.8% IV and 45 at 95.6% …


Sorry to just turn up and hijack the thread - I’m back into the game and have been for a few weeks. Totally addicted. How do I find out the IVs like in the above screenshots? I’m on iOS. Thanks.


You can download an app called poke genie