[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


It would take me way too long to detail my list like Cmeriwether6.
For ones I have multiple 100’s that aren’t meta relevant I’ve sent 98% and below to the Professor.


I have also noted of any were shinies, three shinies in my 224 Pokemon above 90%, and Italics were any Wild Caught, and a couple of the Luckies in there have stories.




I figured I probably had my best Azelf when I got one with a 98 IV and imagined the biggest CP that I might realistically expect to see was 1850. So when I checked the raid boss that we had just beat on an unusually windy day (at a place that’s usually windy, even when everywhere else is calm), I gasped and just about dropped my phones – a 2243, and a perfect 2293! No way could I possibly catch the latter, so I took a screen shot of the capture face-off, just to prove that I even saw a hundo Azelf, then went through half the balls patiently, watching it escape every time and mumbling ‘yep’.

Then I walked 5 minutes back to my car, to get out of the freezing wind for the remaining throws, praying the game wouldn’t time out or find another excuse for the Azelf to flee.

Back in the warm car, as the last balls counted down and the last drops of rain on the screens evaporated, I started to feel the expected ‘oh, well’ setting in. With just one ball left, I watched the elusive quarry almost mock me, by performing its acrobatic loop over and over about 5 times without pausing. That replaced my sense of resignation with determination, almost anger. I imagined it saying, ‘ha ha, you can’t catch me!’ while it paused afterward, and I threw as it performed one more loop…

The throw didn’t get a Great or even a Nice, so I just set the phone down, reminding myself that I didn’t expect to catch that one, and picked up the other phone and try to catch the less perfect boss. But out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of the ‘Gotcha!’ graphic. . . after which watching the 2243 one outlast my stash of balls didn’t matter a bit.

Can I exhale, yet? :sweat::blush:


@vorgriff3 congratulations on your hundo Azelf, that’s very similar to what I caught my 98% Rayquaza at my last ball during its latest return weekend.


A hundo Rayquaza, @Mew1? Very nice.


@vorgriff3, thanks, it’s a pseudo 100%


Got another Azelf hundo today, but not weather-boosted this time.

There are other Legendaries that I might have preferred to get perfect (like Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Groudon, or Latios); but I’m glad I got any.


Got this from a trade


Worry not, Azelf is an amazing Psychic-type and the only better Mon is Mewtwo


Number 48.

Fun fact: I’ve caught 30 unique perfects since August of last year. That’s about 3 perfects per month.


i have 74 iv 100


Got this from the same person as the gulpin last week… and i have a 74 cp lucky mismagius and Made a joke that it would be funny if it would become a high cp and iv Lucky one


This bad boy got shared in our telegram today only 700 meters from my house


Halleloo! Number 49!

Wild catch too!

Fun fact: I have more Water-type hundos than any other type! 12 of my hundos (out of 49) are Water-types or have a Water-subtype, like Ludicolo does. Ground is the next largest representation with 10 out of 49. Interestingly enough, I have no hundo Water/Ground types. The type with the least representation is Fairy with only 1 out of 49.


What’s the Fairy type Hundo?


This one:



Thats hilarious


Darn…52cp short of league standards