Pvp discussion



@Pokemon can master league now


When your opponent is losing and quits the battle, you receive nothing, no reward in return, that’s un-sportsmanship.


I didn’t even know you were allowed to quit. Not that I ever looked for an out on the 60 times I got my butt kicked. It was still fun.


Yeah, I did not realize before. I just think it ruins the fun out of it. Even though you lose the battle, you would still receive rewards if you receive less than 3 times on that day. But you quit, that’s totally another story


Woo hoo! I guess I can say for probably first time ever since it started, I won more fights today than I lost.


Well that makes one of us I’ve been losing all day long


Oh come on, didn’t you beat me at least once today?


No I did not you know that I even lost my ten-year-old nephew today and I’ve been talking smack to him for a week straight about battling


I beat my 10 year old first thing this morning and then he beat me 6 straight since.


Mist be nice to beat a 10 year old wish I could lol


It’s next day on East Coast. But still yesterday in Texas. You want to finish the day with a victory?


Lol I’ll try you got time


Go for it. I think the only reason I beat my son this morning was because he was half asleep.


I got a stone so it was worth it lol was thinking that was a good team nope


I s you not, I’m watch Thor Ragnarok right now, and when we started fighting it was scene at Rainbow Bridge when Immigrant Song came on and it was like perfect.


You deserved stone for that one


That’s was perfect timing good one


Yeah, it was almost like syncing up Dark Side of the Moon with Wizard of Oz but on much smaller scale.


True now have to Waite for my brother to get on have not lost to him so far got eye of the tiger on stand by lol


I can say that my favorite part of Ragnarok is the music. The guy from Devo did it and it is awesome. I’m about to watch Infinity War now