Post your Spinda


I’m actually about to transfer some Spinda as they are taking space I could use for something better.


How much pokemon storage do you have?

I just got to 750 :muscle:.


I’m on 1392/1400 right now.


Whoa… Well … You said you keep 2 of every pokemon… but for me I do not have pokemon like pidgey and rattata.


Yeah I’m about to transfer all of them.


I evolve, not transfer :exploding_head:




@Pokemon don’t lose hope on finding the Spinda that easily, still almost a month left to find such task, which to me is less rare than last one.


Thanks for the tip


Why are you using an Ultra Ball?
It’s a guaranteed catch so no point wasting the good stuff. No big deal if it busts a few Reds.



Then again he may not have red balls.


Because I used all my reds with my plus…


I was right :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Go-plus is so usefull.

But I cant find mine.

So I have to use my backup, but it isnt a watch.


I’ve gone through so many batteries


Wow… never have yet.

I do have one ready. It is sad how hard it is to find what battery works, and then actually find one.


Sometimes I just use the yellow ball with a golden rasp only because I’m in a hurry don’t want to loose time in more intents…


How many golden rasps do you have If you are willing to use it on a pokemon with guarenteed catch rate?


At one point I had 90 something, so I used them with reckless abandon, even on the guaranteed catch. :man_shrugging:t3::crazy_face:


:crazy_face:Crazy Ryan :crazy_face: