Post your Spinda


I only have 1 Spinda and he’s drunk right now and can’t come out.


Doesn’t your spinda know that Labor Day weekend is over? Lol it’s tuesday


Spinda takes no breaks! being drunk a lifestyle.


There he is. He’s out in the backyard kind of spinning around. Seems to calm him down after a while.


@unkn0wnspace not sure if your aware but quite often the battery low warning comes up when the battery is not really getting flat. I replaced a few premature before I let that if I pulled the battery out and just put it back in it the Go Plus would say the battery was on full and the Go plus would keep working for weeks before it was actually flat.


I would bet the Nanab made him even drunker :wink::yum:



Is this it?


loool who the bleep is ash, he seems funny af.


Yes it’s it


lmao and reversal used to come here, These people even come here anymore?

:sob::sob::sob:i would of loved to troll with ash


Yes, you got your drunken one?


No have not played since then, will later, to open gifts and stuff.


Got another drunkie. Doubt if I’ll keep it.


sir sir, your drunk friend is spinning again and falling over.


This ones been on the jägers :joy:


How drunk is it?

(What IV)


Definitely can’t drive home! (I don’t know how to rate IV)
Psycho cut


Oh. It isn’t that drunk, about 72 IV :rofl::smiley::grin:.


Oh :joy: I’ll cancel that taxi then :taxi:


You should try to get a drunker one. ( One with better IVs :wink:)