Post your Spinda


@Ryan21, yes, you are right about the quest giving you Spinda, but it is less rare to find than the last one.


You sure about that?


Yeah, I got the quest again today


But we need more people

And a hypothesis

And a variable

I am Proffesor @Pokemon, teacher of science.


it is land great curve throw.


It was land 3 nice curve throw in a row?


It is land great throw lol


Yes it was indeed :wink:


Yup, it WAS


When you live in the past :money_mouth_face:


Just clarifying


Yes I got four #3 Spindas yesterday.


Sorry Professor Pokémon I haven’t gotten any good tasks, most of mine are not that great with the rewards being berries, poke balls or stardust. So I have no data for you :sob::sob: please don’t fail me lol


I like stardust task


I mean I do as well, but currently I’m searching for spinda tasks so I’m not a fan of stardust tasks at the moment


This is my drunkest panda


98% intoxicated :crazy_face:


Same, no rare tasks.

Already feeling like I wont get Spinda 3


If international trading comes out I’ll trade with you as many as you like🤪


Transfer you? That is saying I am giving you Rattata for Dragonite…

I will surely give good stuff back.