Post your Spinda



It is Spinda #2.


I got several already, but did not bother to post. Now I’m missing #4, has it been released yet?


No, it hasn’t. It’s the only one missing from the original 8.


Thanks, @Arem1771


Whats the current number out now?
I haven’t spun up a Spinda Quest since the Valentines Day one.
If I miss one I wont bother to keep chasing them.


It’s number 2.


Just curious - did the Spinda form change for April, like it did every month before? I always have to search for the quest (still extremely rare), but I haven’t heard anything about it for April. It should probably be number 4 now, I guess…


I think it’s still Spinda #2.


Have not been able to find such quest for a while so could not tell which form


Haven’t come across a Spinda Quest since this month started.


No quest last month, and still noting so far. This is idiotly hard to find. Since #2 came out, I spun over a 1000 stops. The chance of encountering a non event shiny is even higher… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


I did get the quest today. And it’s still the quite difficult « make 5 great throws in a row », and it gave me Spinda 2. But I expected it, since nowhere did I read that a new Spinda was released in April. Hopefully they gonna make the quest easier in the future, especially since there’s now a total of 20 Spindas in the Pokédex, so that’s 11 to go.


Thanks! Good to know there’s no new (and ridiculously rare) Spinda form to hunt down… :relieved:


I haven’t found a Spinda #2 quest either. I’m getting increasingly worried my SpindaDex will remain forever incomplete. :weary:


I have two #2 Spinda at the moment. Hope I can find another Spinda #2 so I can trade two of those Spinda to people who have yet to get one.


In the Area I’m currently in there is no stop and almost no spawns. So no change on spinda here And it isn’t even really rural. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hmmm Niantic did something. I’m seeing multiple Spinda. Didn’t see them before. Got my task as well



FINALLY found the Pinda #2 research…

Woohoo!!! :grinning:


My second.