Post your Spinda



Number 4. No sooner reared his spotted head than bagged, anaesthetised and sent to the taxidermist! :wink:


I was lucky to find this research task. I couldn’t find it for Spinda number 2. I hope I’ll find someone to trade me one.


I still haven’t found it. Spun hundreds of stopt, but still nothing.


Same here, but then I have spun thousands of Stops. But how are we supposed to find Spinda with all those event-related Field Research?


With less luck of finding a diamond on the street, and I found that years ago, once.


There is no Spinda quest during the current adventure week event, I was able to find about 1 a week before event


Did anyone got the task for spinda nr 4? Still got none and most likely will miss it. It was impossible. Rare ok, but this is stupid rare. Got no task in 2 months and I’ve been very active.


I got Spinda #4 (see my post of May 2nd) and I have a completed task saved up ready to cash in as soon as the new pattern is released on July 1st. :grin:
SHIN-YYY!!! SHIN-YYY!!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Don’t forget to wait until 1pm pdt.


Oooooh yeah… thanks for the reminder! :slightly_smiling_face:


Even on a local Discord it’s not even mentioned once.

Spinda 4 is here until 22:00 local(1pm pdt.) So 17 hours to go.


@Brobraam, If you find one today please let me know. I’m in Delft today :slight_smile:


Spun 1000+ PokéStops I think, and even I didn’t find the Spinda task.


I finally found one. It could well be that there is a raised number of spinda tasks today.


Interesting, but I can’t hunt for them today. So no Spinda for me :grinning:


It only took me 55 Pokémon to complete the task and had 85 minutes to spare before #4 left… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Phew :sweat_smile: and well played :grinning: !!!
Waiting till 12 midnight (1:00am bst) till i cash in for the new number… just to be on the safe side…


It is not a new one that is out… Post more info here in a minute


Spinda 8


And Spinda 8 shiny