Post your Spinda



Did it by accident last time. This time I got 4 on my 7d task reward (so easy to get great throws against Zapdos) but caught on the 4th and blew the next throw on something goofy.

Good luck to you, @bobbyjack8; I really want that Spinda, so I’m not ready to give up just yet.


I got 2nd Spinda Quest this morning. But I deleted it because it has been 5 weeks since I started first and still haven’t completed it. I needed to keep a spot open because my other quest is catch 10 ice types and I need the Kabuto for Meltan Quest.


Finally got my Valentine Spinda last night after stuffing the 5th throw 7 times.
With the 3 Rares catch Chansey and 20 Kissy Fish around in abundance I’m not going to bother with the Spinda one and will delete straight away. Way to much time and effort for a Collector/Dex filler. Couldn’t care less about the Shiny.
Why couldn’t they just make it 5 or even 10 Great Curve throws and not have to be in a row. I’d keep the quests and do them even if it was 10.


Got the heart Spinda today, but it does not show in the pokedex.

Catching 20 Kiss fish for 12 (possibly 13) Chansey candy and 3 rare candy is so amazing!


looky looky didnt even know i had the task.


That’s cool I have not found the tasks yet


I spun over 50 stops in a big city to find this task and I couldn’t find it!


Found 3 after the CD. 502, 503 & 506 CP.


Team Rocket does not take any claim to any drunk spinda.

Team Rocket!


We dont??


If my “5 great curve balls in a row” task came before 2/13, it won’t get me a heart Spinda, even if I finish it before the valentines day event is over, will it?


I had to throw away this Spinda quest I found today, because I had two 3 rare candy quests lined up and looking for the kiss fish quest to get Chansey


Anyone got a new spinda form this month? Not seen any pics yet.


I got today the investigation of 5 great throws in a row… still don’t know what will come out. But for being the same investigation, I think it will be the same Spinda.


I heard/read rumors of number 2, but not seen it.


I got one today. It turns out to be a Spinda #2.


And what research was it?


Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row.


oh, oh, so they have put it in the same… bad for me, because I don’t have the last one.
Well, maybe at the end it will be a circular investigation. When all of them are published, they will start with the first again.


Check the dex and you know for shure. :wink: