Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



I was asking about the moveset for your first Roserade and Weaville


Roseraid has razor leaf and solar beam
Weavile has ice shard and foul play


So Roserade is using as grass attacker, do you have other grass attackers against Groudon and Kyogre?


Top 24 grass


You have large number of grass attackers against Groudon (as long as it does not have fire blast) and Kyogre (as long as it does not have blizzard), so you may do Weaville if you are lacking dark or ice attacker, but it is not used against level 5 raid bosses until possibly February


Weavile it is then…


Or don’t get either one since it’s not needed right now, just wait until next raid boss


I can wait. Got plenty of. Candy that if it President and Sifehtsfh.


Stones are becoming more frequent now…might do magmar or electabuzz next.


I’m holding onto mine until I get information on whether the next set of evolutions will need them or not.


THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING YEARS FOR!! A 98% ELECTIVIRE!! I just hatched a 98% Elekid and I fist-pumped enough to scare my cat.


That moveset has got to change, but I’m thrilled to have more Electric-types under my belt to level up. Next to Magnezone, all I’m missing for great Electric-types is Raikou.

Still have 8 Sinnoh Stones in reserve, so this was definitely a great day for me.


And here we go with the next round!


I still have two Stones remaining, and the odds of me getting more even before Community Day seem pretty good. I’m bummed that Magnezone wasn’t included in the wave, but oh well.

I’m aware that there might be a Ralts Community Day, but looking at the movesets that it could learn, there wasn’t much for me to consider waiting for it.



Is yanmega good??


Not only male, my female Kirlia have option to evolve to Gallade…


I don’t know but it looks like he should be fighting Godzilla


I heard it’s the best bug type right now



None of those have been unlocked for me yet…


They should be and thank you @5GodLink now I know what moves it has