Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



Did I miss anybody?


Dont think so lol


Nice! I’m out of stones now


Scizor still reigns supreme…top three bug

  1. Scizor with Fury cutter and x scissor (555.66 TDO)
  2. Pinsir with same moveset (FC is legacy though) (531.348 TDO)
    2.5. Pinsir with bug bite and x scissor (516.91 TDO)
  3. Yanmega with bug bite bug buzz (528.97 TDO)

TDO is calculated using Level 40 Pokemon with perfect IVs and a 200 DEF defender model and extreme weather


Finally did some more evolutions with Sinnoh stones.


Evolved all the new ones (and still have 10 stones left lol), including a shiny Froslass. :smiley:


My sneasel that I am going to evolve has more cp than ur weavile lolll


It’s not QUITE as good as Pinsir or Scizor, but it’s no slouch. It’s also the only one among them to learn Bug Buzz, so yeah, Yanmega is pretty great.


You also, to be fair, have 850 more candy than I have for my sneasel…I cant even evolve


Weavile is for PvP :wink:


Might as well…


Perfect Mamoswine GET!! Shame I wasted two Charged TMs on it already and STILL didn’t get Avalanche! D:



Buying 2nd charge move would probably be best


No TM problem here


team of shinies




Did another evolution with a stone a while back but forgot to post it :smiling_imp:


Ooo, just short of great league standards…that rlly sucks. But congrats on the cool shiny