Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



Im gonna be joining the hype aswell on saturday.


The hype is real. Smack down laying the smack down.





Nice! I gotta wait till the weekend.


I have a Weavile.
@Necrozma051608 has a Rhyperior

Post your first Sinnoh Stone Evolution!

Already posted it somewhere, but here’s my first:


am i the only one who used theirs on Pory? i know it’s not as optimal as others but Porygon is my all time favorite pokemon so


It’s nice seeing everyone journey taking different routes.

Wonder what ill evolve next week🤷🏾‍♂️


I would, but I do not have enough candy.


I have options to get a:
Shiny Roserade
91 IV normal Roserade


I’m good on candy for each one. So I will get new Pokemon each week.




dusknoir, 1947 cp, hex/ominous wind




Wow, thats a strong 1


I did rhyperior too. I think I will go for roserade next week.



Beacause Pokemon Hub said that’s in the top 2 of the ones that should be evolved, I evolved my 100% one with my first sinoh stone. I already started to max it out.