Post your Riolu / Lucario


Riolu I got from a 10km egg :expressionless:
Also got a small one with big orange mouth and another wolly one


Even though the IVs aren’t great and I won’t evolve it I am still excited!


wrong mon🤦🏽‍♂️


It was a joke, I still havent hatched a single stupid rabbid-boy-thing


flew over my head. Your rarely ever post screen shots.


Another throw away Bacon.
5 new Eggs yesterday on way home from work. All 2k.


Lol, you say the IVs aren’t great, but the picture seems to think otherwise.


I’m to a point where I won’t evolve anything under 93. Most of my collection is 96+. Hopefully others in my community will hatch one and I’ve trade for a shot at a lucky :grinning:


I’ve popped another 3 10k Eggs since last Post and still nothing. 0 on the other family member accts also.
1 more in a cooker.


I’ve popped 2 10k since last post for throw away Feebas and Mareep. None of the Family accts have given up a Dog either.
1 new 10k from last night is in a cooker. Still having and over supply of 2k constantly coming in.

That egg popped for a throw away Beldum.
A night doing some work using a Forklift has resulted in 8 empty egg spaces after popping all the 5 and 2k’s.
Here’s hoping for a few 10k from all the spins on the way home.


Still no Dog.
2 Dratini and 2 Trapinch all for the Professor.
2 more in Cookers with one popping soon.


Look what I got today :metal::metal::metal::metal:

first of the 2 in the cookers that popped today on way to work. Picked up 2 more 10 so have 3 on the go now. They will most likely pop during CD tomorrow.


That’s awesome


I don’t know whats more rare shiny shinx or 10Km egg hatching a Riolu🤦🏽‍♂️


Shiny Shinx, I’ve done a lot more Shinx Raids than I popped 10k Eggs and don’t have Shiny Shinx.


Both, I’ve officially hatched 12 10km eggs and not a single riolu or even a shinx. :sob::sob:


Extremely rare. Almost feels like Niantic has lowered the rates.


I’ve hatched another 9 10k since the one above for 5x Trapinch, 2x Mareep, 1x Dratini and 1x Larvitar (all throw away).
I picked up 3 new ones late yesterday which are all in cookers and will pop most likely this afternoon.
I want more Dogs so I can throw all of them in non Gold Gyms and Berry them.


I picked up 1 more before those 3 hatched so had 4 on the go while I was on the Bike last night cashing in on the last day of Double Dust.
All 4 popped while I was riding around for 2x Trapinch and 2x Bacon (all for the Professor of course)
Managed to pick up another 4 new ones which went in cookers as soon as I got them.
2 have popped at worked so far for 1x Beldum and 1x Mareep and once again the Professor gets them.


The last of the 4 hatched on the way to work this morning for my 2nd Riolu and 29 Candy from this one. I need to find a low traffic Gym like the other one. The other one has been in a Gym for 2 Days now that has not had any other Pokemon added since I took it down (on a bike track a long way away from any street. Hopefully it stays for a while and I can get some bonus Candy. 6 feeds so far has given 0.