Post your Riolu / Lucario


congrats ! remember adventure sync also gives 10KM eggs and it is a 100% chance at either riolu or shinx.

I am sure you’ll get more


100% IV or 100% chance to get Riolu or Shinx?


100% chance at Riolu or Shinx/Shiny Shinx


Oof, get to steppin!


Popped a Shinx, not Shiny of course from a 10k this morning.
I have no way of knowing if it was an egg from the Weekly Rewards or not?


Well its not 100% chance at shiny for the reward.

It’s either a) Riolu b) Shinx c) Shiny Shinx

Shiny Shinx would be the rarest and hardest to recieve.

options a) and b) would be the majority of hatches from the adventure reward


Popped another 4 10k since last post for 2x Trapinch, 1x Bacon, 1x Beldum. Getting nothing but 2k atm.
Got both the Dogs on Gyms but not getting Candy from them sadly. 1 Candy between the two from 310 berries thrown at them total. A very poor return.


Up to 480 Berries between the two for 2 Riolu Candy. Incidentally both have come from the same Gym that has had slightly less thrown at it while the other has given up none at all. Games being very stingy atam.



How many have you Hatched so far? @5GodLink
You walking and Gym/Berrying it to have that much Candy?

I’ve only Hatched the 2 so far. Only 4 Candy from 1100 Berries thrown so far too. The Game AI knows what I’m trying to do as one of the Gyms it’s in has Salamance, Dragonite and Metagross in it. No Berries from my Riolu in over 300 Berries thrown at it. I throw Berries at the Salamnce and Dragonite as I needed to off load some extra to make room and it gave me 1 Bagon and 1 Dratini Candy.


only 2 and i walked my first one for a while


just got a 96iv


Got my 3rd Dog from a random 10k Egg today. Might be a long wait for a good IV.