Post your Riolu / Lucario


Post up your Riolu and Lucario

iv 87


Wait until you get another one and evolve the best one.


Those eggs more rare than Mewtwo. ill wait tho.


Buddy is 5km right? Try putting it in a gym and keep feeding it

It doesnt matter which Riolu you evolve since all of them are bad


ill be definitely dropping into gyms.


couldnt wait.


Now that’s one awesome Pokemon!


It always cracks me up when people come here for advice and then do the opposite of what people say :joy: :woman_shrugging:t2:


From my other topic “rare candy” i learnt many people use their rare candy. Also i learnt i have alot of rare candy…so i used them. The time it takes to get another 10KM is RNG and can make long. Rather have Lucario now and just get another one whenever than wait.




Does anyone know the likelihood of hatching a riolu?

I’ve been trying and still not got one :frowning:


Pretty rare. As you see only i posted one. 10Km eggs are rare then just to hatch one is even harder. Goodluck.


I got two 10k in cookers right now. Taken me ages to even get these eggs. I’m hoping I get lucky.


Let’s see I’m 0 for 8 now with one in the incubator


Haven’t gotten another 1. It’s so random.


No good with those 2x 10k. Throw away Bacon and Trapinch.
Had 6 empty spots for Eggs on way home from work. 1x 10k, 1x 5k and rest 2k.


Cooking eggs. :joy: I like that.


My first hatch was a 93iv FEMALE with +32 candy :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Now thats a cool one, Ill show you mine if I havent deleted it yet