Post your NEWEST shiny



Been going through a lean period shinywise since the rhydon CD, so this was a welcome respite stolen from Arlo today…



My 3rd shiny Aron!


Yessssssssir!!! This was worth staying up till 1 in the morning for! :grin:


Hey, give my Mawile back! It’s excact the same CP as well. :joy:

And it took me 53 raids, but got that shiny Darkrai as well.


Seemed almost like a consolation prize for a weekend of chasing shiny Darkrai and Skorupi in vain, to have a 10km egg hatch with a shiny that I had resigned myself to never getting.

And when I snapped my pic here it almost seemed to be taking a bow. Despite my irritation over all the premium raid passes wasted in vain pursuit of the event shinies, getting this put an unshakable smile on my face for an hour.


I believe that!


I’d forgotten all about this one picked up by the Go Plus last Thursday but not found in collection until cleaning up Saturday.


Well, yesterday… between frequent bouts of hand washing, scouring the shops for toilet rolls to hoard, and coughing into the crook of my elbow - I found the time to capture three shinies. #tripleshizzle

One for me (my first pidgey) :grin:
One for the missus (my third natu - but she has only one) :neutral_face:
And one for the professor (my umpteenth turtwig) :expressionless:


Didn’t get to start raiding yesterday until just after the Dinner Hour ended. But on my second Registeel raid I managed to bag this. (First of this week’s event, second overall.)


Well check out what just tried to sneak away without being noticed… Hard to hide with such brightly-colored hide.

First shiny Meditite. I’d been chasing them for so long that I can’t even remember when I gave up. Smile time.

Edit: Went ahead and evolved it. I like the shiny Medichamp better…


Three more Shinies in an hour, nice. Pity one of them had to be another Koffing, but it’s okay.


My 5th shiny Makuhita!


Caught this morning


Machop was wild, Giratina was a shiny pokedex entry.


Got these a couple days ago, but with everything going on, I forgot about them.




Two things release into game same time.
Seen 550 Patrat and caught 4
Seen 500 Lillipup and caught 0.



No sparkles ‘cos he doesn’t deserve them. My seventh shiny Mimer.