Post your NEWEST shiny



Yeah, when I wrote that I wasn’t planning on getting 7km Eggs. Now I have a few, but I haven’t hatched a Shiny in forever, so I’m not expecting anything.


So far this event has been good to me.


Why have a bland shiny gengar when you can own a beautiful purple ball.


Not to be a braggart, but this lovely lady was my day 7 streak catch of the day yesterday!
To hell with no shiny hat Nidorino or Gengar, I scored this!


I have never seen a snowy environment in the game! WOW!


From the first and only raid I could do! :smiley:


I got another shiny karp, I’ll post it soon


How many shinies do you have now?
Congrats on the snowman


387😉. You?


That exceeds my grand total of 318 lol


Adding to this I cought a 3rd shiny Nidoran Female and a shiny Party hat Eevee.


For me it was a Snover, a Spinda, a Scyther, an Onix, a Party Hat Eevee and a Rhyhorn that I caught during last event.



I’m just missing a shiny partyhat Bulbasaur to finish this shiny lineup(don’t have Nidoran or Gengar, but that’s ok. They ain’t starters).



Wrong one, but I’ll take it.


That’s from Team GO Rocket event.




Out of 15 raids got lucky and got my shiny darkrai


I was just wondering why there were so many cubone today when this guy popped up.