Post your NEWEST shiny



I get the trading bit but they come at a cost that I’m not prepared to give away. There’s not a lot that someone could offer in return I don’t have to make it cost neutral and worth it for me.


I would love to find a shiny party hat Eevee, I’d rather keep that then another shiny hat Pikachu


Amen. Forking over 40K stardust for the privilege of giving somebody a shiny (or any Pokémon they don’t already have) is way more generous than I can afford to be. Not that I want to profit – just make the recipient pay the fee and I’ll be a lot more willing to make that kind of trade. And I’m not desperate enough for a full Dex to acquire entries by trade.


I’m still awfully unhappy with how many spins it takes me to get a gift to send to friends. But a “Trade a Pokémon” task yielded me a shiny Alolan Meowth yesterday, which is like a consolation prize, I guess. :roll_eyes:

(I’m actually quite happy to get this particular shiny, even if the gift thing still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)


Today I saw a Ponyta with a mane as blue as a tropical ocean.
(This information comes straight from the horse’s mouth)


Nice CP on that, too – how are its IV stats?



So now you have the two newest shiny, they could have trading value for regionals that you don’t have if you really want to trade them away for something you don’t have since you will be paying the dust anyway


That’s what I usually do. I hold them for regional trades since that’s worth a lot more to me.


Ironic and/or amusing that most events I don’t get the Shiny and the one event where there’s stupid hats I don’t care for I get the Shiny with stupid hat.
Pika I can take as I keep them but Eevee… why, why me.


Well… her IVs are okay… in fact they’re pretty good… but she’s never gonna win the Kentucky Derby :racehorse:

Still… never look a gift-horse in the mouth :wink:


lol… but she shore is purty.


Seriously, another Blue Snowman? I bet I’ve caught back to back Shiny Snover (without a normal one in between) :man_facepalming:



I keep getting Shinies I don’t need during this event🤦‍♂️. First Snover, then Rhyhorn, then Eevee and then Onix. What’s next? Pikachu? Must be, because I’m not going for Squirtle or Bulbasaur and all the other boosted Shinies are welcome (Oddish, Nidoran F., Sandshrew, Tentacool, Meowth, Rattata, Charmander, [Gengar/Nidorino,] Scyther, Ponyta, Horsea, Kabuto, Seel)

But I gladly catch them though, wanted or not. :grin:


From trade


A month ago, it seemed like I was never going to find my Shiny Scyther, but now I have two. Finally a Shiny I really wanted! :smiley:


I blame this Drunk Boy for the reason I didn’t get a Shiny from Raid Day. Somehow the only Shiny I’ve ever gotten from a Raid Day is Entei. I’m giving it up, it’s just a waste of time.

The better thing is that I get quite a load of Shinies from Field Researches now. I hope Alolan Meowth is still available in Field Research in March, because Eggs don’t give me anything special.


Today being Sunday, I had a bit of the old slap and tickle :wink:
The slap to the face was from pouching my NINTH green Onix…
The tickle to the ribs was from the mischievous clown-hatted ghost…


Egg is random, when you do field research/raid, at least you know what you can get from it