Post your NEWEST shiny



Shiny flex when Great League returns


Pinsir is singing in the rain.



This Yellow Heart Fish is my first Shiny Luvdisc, my first Shiny of the event, my first Shiny click of the day, my first Shiny click of the event and only the second Pokémon that spawned today! WHAT


Wow, thanks. I could swear that I had checked every tool icon by the comment for a ‘delete’ one, sometime last year and found none. But on receiving your reply I looked again at that ellipsis, and it expanded to include that option.

That moves me two more increments towards a good mood.


Even the shiny ones hide in the corner of the screen…




Did 11 raids and still just got 1 shiny


The instant this one appeared, I THOUGHT those ears looked a little redder than usual. :grinning:


cough! cough! koff! koff!
I got a brand new shiner! And it only took me 1418 attempts!.. woohoo!!!


I beat three Grunts and all I got was this sick-looking egg-cuddler. I took it straight down to Nurse Joy’s Hospital to see if she can bring a bit of colour back to its cheeks :wink::wink:


Niantic decided 6 from the raid day wasn’t enough. I’d preferred a Chansey or Happiny though…



Way past its event. But better late than never.




Looks like it’s now Taillow I find often in Shiny.


I should be happy but I’m not.
The only Hats I keep are Pika line. All others I send to the Professor. I have no interest in collecting them.
I’m now conflicted by getting this.


I get the point; All those Costumed Shinies don’t really attract me, either. But I’d rather save them for Trading, though. I know many people want them because Costumed Shinies are rare, so it’s quite worth trading them, I think.