Post your NEWEST shiny



Finally got this one.




The last of the 4 Shiny’s


Got myself a 98% shiny Cincinno, I was on the verge of greatness, I was this close


I got the Shiny Minccino as many might expect, and the best one was a 93% LOL


1st one of these.


I had 7 shiny Minccino’s with a 96% as best. And in between I hatched a shiny Scyhter as well.


Caught on my 17,5 km walk today.


Got from the “Trade a Pokémon” research task… my obsession with trying to get the full LuckyDex is starting to pay off! :grin:



Hatched yesterday and Go Plused this morning.


I was NOT expecting this.


I didn’t play last Tuesday because I couldn’t and because I didn’t really care for Onix. But okay, I didn’t have its Shiny family complete. Now I do. :sweat_smile:


Caught the goop in my local fish and chip shop this lunchtime (hygiene rating :-1:)
And hatched the SHINYSHINXYSPHINXY from a pink Sinnoh Event egg.


Spent 4hrs on the bike yesterday for 0 Shiny.
Spent 2hrs this morning on the bike at a different spot and saw 1/2 a many Hippo as yesterday but out out come was different.



That’s a great photo @bobbyjack8.
So many funny captions can be put on that pose and expression.


Hihi, yes, the first was that I hear Frank Sinatra singing: I do it my way…


Shiny slump finally over, I hatched this golden bird today🤩