Post your NEWEST shiny



Your cat must be so happy! Did you take it on the walk with you ard Mrs. Celery?


Here I am with close to 5 non community day shinies, and you have 5 of one I don’t have a shiny of.


Shiny catches or not my cat is rarely happy! :pouting_cat:
He’s quite old and has a dodgy back leg so we carry him around in a papoose and he uses his front paws to operate the phone.
His whiskers twitch when he gets a shiny :scream_cat:and he slaps the screen with his claws when a critter leaps out of the ball and runs away.:crying_cat_face:


In my work office tonight.


I’m not sure what I have done to offend the shiny gods, but I simply cannot get one that I do not already have. I’m not complaining about the frequency of my encounters, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The last ‘new’ shiny I got (discounting Community Days) was Burmy at the start of December - since then 28 duplicates + 22 others during December CD weekend.

Today’s shiny is nice… but it is my 4th toilet duck…


28 shinies since then? What?


Since the initial burmy that was my last ‘new’ shiny…

Onix, treecko, burmy, burmy, onix, onix, onix, ralts, onix, scyther, alolan rattata, totodile, sneasel, sneasel, sneasel, absol, taillow, eevee, shellder, ratatta, misdreavus, totodile, buneary, mr. Mime, alolan rattata, mr. Mime, magikarp, taillow, psyduck…

Sorry @Pokemon I miscounted. It’s not 28 duplicates - it’s 29 !!!


Got 2 today…


No wonder this appeared with all these fishes hanging around



You should be thankful you see any on a regular basis @celery
You can take my crap Shiny/Pokemon catch rate for a few months.


I finally got my second Floppy Goldfish on the 1875th encounter, so I can stop hunting all those Gyarados now. :star_struck:



Yes. It fits to the Red Pokémon theme.


Weekly research… purple Nessie :sauropod:


I should be grateful, I know… I got a shiny Magikarp on Tuesday… I plussed another one on Wednesday (that was number 5 so far) and today I clicked on my first Gyarados in this event… another shiny… It‘s a great feeling getting the red Gyarados, but I just don‘t need it, I want Wurmple or Magmar…


Another one


Since 2016 one of these Golden Karp…