Post your NEWEST shiny



FINALLY the Shiny Sneasel streak broke! Still not the Snorunt and still a Pokémon I often find in Shiny, but definitely better than Sneasel! And definitely one that was worth all the time I spent last week! Although I caught this one thanks to my Trainer running trough the whole map… :sweat_smile:


Yet another nudist captured today…

And a further 2 nabbed since the last time I reported here… final totals at the end of the xmas event - 6 for me and 4 for the cat.


Happy new year guys!
2019 and its last event almost went by without new shinies… I got another shiny Sneasel (4th), shiny Swinub (I’ve stopped counting… I even transferred one that returned from a gym…), and a shiny Lapras from a Glacial lure (3rd, but maybe useful for trading, who knows)… No Delibird, no Snover,…
But on New Year’s Eve I finally got my first shiny Zangoose :star_struck:
Not the shiny I was looking for, but hey it was new one, who cares.


now I know why I didn’t get any shiny except for community day the past month. Nice.


Nice. Wild encounter or from a Raid?


After a holiday season that had been rather shiny-sparse, I had back-to-back shiny sneasel days. Would give 'em both for one shiny zangoose, though…


It is wild!


Decided to just go for the Klink Raids and got lucky with the first one. It’s not only my first Shiny Klink, but also the first of 2020, the first of the decennium and the first of the Unova region in Shiny! Besides the Shiny Klink that was traded to me.


Because I was with a friend today, we decided to do a Skarmory Raid and yep. My first Golden Robot Bird. That now makes it two (Golden) Shinies from Raids in a row! :smiley::sparkles:


Just noticed all the colors are more or less the same… lol.


These ain’t golden… these are rusted lol


Or bronze, perhaps?


I’m not sure what the proper term is for this particular shade of purple; but I know I’ve been earnestly seeking shiny Gastly since its debut over a year ago.


Well, okay… lol.



There is a metal alloy that is that green-gold color that isn’t rusted. It’s called electrum, and it’s a natural alloy of gold and silver with trace amounts of copper and other metals. It’s often simply referred to as “green gold” in the jewelry industry.


First raid of 2020


I think my phone was jealous, as it started to do whatever itself as soon as I clicked on this Squirtle. I had almost lost the Squirtle, but still managed to catch it. Phew. :grinning:




0 for 8 shiny in Heatran raids today; but I did catch my third one of these.


First shiny this decade, but at least it’s a good ‘un…

…Stolen off Sierra and bad to the bone :skull_and_crossbones:️:grinning: