Post your NEWEST shiny



It’s my first and I’m out of shinyluck for some time.


Played for just an hour together with my friend today, but not an unsuccessful hour. I got two Shiny Sneasel and he got a Shiny Sneasel and a Snover.


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Really, I open the game, my Trainer immediately runs to the other side of the map, one Sneasel pops up and yet again I get to see a Pink Dude. :man_facepalming::joy:


Whoa, deja vu.


This made me happier than the 14-15-14 Virizion I got just before.





Caught Sneasel last night walking dogs and did Lucky Trade today


From raid or egg hatch?


Raid. As was this little baby today.



Legit the last click during yet another unsuccessful round was yet another Pink Feather Head. Isn’t there just ANYTHING else? :rofl:

I seem to get two Shiny Sneasel a day now, so I might get another one later today…


Yowsa. A regular Shinysneaselhund. :astonished:


And I still have NOT found one. Seems they have gone all to the area of @Jormdeworm
And I have at least between 5 and 10 Sneasel spawns everyday in front of my home…


I’m not sure how many I check a day. I made a screenshot earlier this evening, so I’ll know the answer tomorrow.

Edit: apparently I made a screen shot last Saturday, too. I probably check around fifty of them a day on average.


So you are the Shiny Reaper…


Yeah, why not another one.


Fourth one.