Post your NEWEST shiny



Does not quite look like a Gible, but it’s a Shiny and I still needed it so I am not complaining. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wasn’t even looking at my phone and this hatched.



Egg #3519 for second ever Shiny Hatch, thanks Thorend.


Got to see Star Wars and night got even better when I found this guy in the parking lot


Doesn’t look like the stats are too bad either.

Got this beauty on the way to work early this morning, if you can tell by the time.


No action shots but I too hatched the berry version of old snappy-teeth ponytail this afternoon. My first :grinning:


First thing I click after waking up this morning.


Finally Shiny Delibird! And it is a 96% too!


You know, I still don’t have a Shiny one of those, but I did get a hundo last year!


Shiny Delibird still eludes me as well. Maybe this year?


Found at my apartment last night (as a burmy)


Go Plus picked my first one of theses up last night.




I got this pink lady today


@Branebs @NotanotherKangaskhan
It’s Pink Ladies all round today! Cheers! Proost! 🥳




You saying finally for your first Blue Snow Cone or that finally a Female one?
I’m still searching for a Blue Female, both mine are Male.


Between long periods of napping and catching actual real-life rodents, my cat uses his account to scoop up the poke-critters living underneath my sofa.
He doesn’t play that often but he sure is a lucky son-of-a-tom… here’s today’s haul…