Post your NEWEST shiny



They keep coming… :open_mouth:… 4 more today!


Congrats. Currently a week into a shiny slump and looking forward to eventually coming out of it. My sympathies to folks whose slumps have stretched on for months.


What’s wrong?! My office seems to be shiny-blessed… :star_struck::star_struck:


Everyone keeps getting shinies. I want some too :joy:


Hoo Rah… Shiny slump broken with a wild Onix.


Today, I stopped at a Gym, because I had to win a Gym battle for a Stamp, but one of the Pokémon around the Gym was more interesting for me:

Finally a Shiny during this event. Besides the Burmy that was legit only the fourth click. Now still that Scyther…


I found one, finally.


One more shiny from this great event! :star_struck: :sparkles: :four_leaf_clover:


Red rat just scuttled out from under my couch. Trapped it and force-fed it candies till it was fat. That completes the set of 4 different shizzles for me! :grin:


Got a Red Colored Fire Chimp today. What are even the odds of finding these? Just 1/450?


Just evolved one of the Shiny Gligars I caught the other day…


My only shiny from day 1 of this CD


The Totodile came from the midday event today. The Treecko was caught on the way home.


My only shiny yesterday in +140 catches.


I think I accidentally found the Shiny Monkey Club🐒




I hatched this one day after CD and it has great IVs! Now I have to wait until next December to evolve it to get Infernape with Blast Burn. Unless Niantic gives us a special TM for CD and legacy moves before that.


I have a funny story. I accidentally tapped on a Venonat because I quickly looked at it and thought it was a Koffing. Just after I tapped on it, I noticed it was a Venonat and not a Koffing. While tapping on it, I was thinking about the ‘Koffing’ being Shiny. Not even a second later than I clicked the Venofing away, a Koffing suddenly spawned. Guess what - it was Shiny!


Here’s a pic of my Shiny Gible

That’s right nothing,

How the hell will I get something that I can’t find wild or hatch now yet get a Shiny one.