Post your NEWEST shiny



The Shiny odds for wild encounters, Field Research rewards and Raids (except for most of not all Raid-only Pokemon) are the same, indeed. I’m not sure what the Shiny odds are for Eggs and Special Research, but I won’t be surprised if the odds are the same as well.


Post the charmeleon in the wild encounter challenge!


Caught it in my house! :star_struck:


Are raids considered wild encounters?


Kind of


OMG! My shiny luck is incredible! :star_struck::four_leaf_clover::sparkles: I got shiny Valor and Mystic legendary birds from the research breakthrough 2 weeks in a row! :smiley:


This Little Red Riding Hooded Cyclops just mooched past my sofa… :grin:


First one


Snorunt was the first shiny I ever found. It was male. And today I found my second shiny Snorunt and it’s female! :four_leaf_clover::star_struck:


I say no in this.


Found both at work this morning.


Is the Snow Cone Male or Female?




I got 4 shinies today - which ought to be the best news ever… but is actually only half as good as it sounds…
You see I got 2 sets of two. 2 burmy - both green - and 2 onix which are my number 3 and 4 shiny onix.
I reckon this can only mean 1 of two things… either I have a long-lost twin out there somewhere and I accidentally got his share of shinies today. Or the animals have started to come in two-by-two and I better start building an ark and change my name to Noah :crazy_face:


Caught another one at work this morning


Nice! Another office shiny! :star_struck:
Didn’t expect to get one during the event, but I’ll take it. Only six more to go for a shiny livingdex :roll_eyes:


Shiny rock snake number 5 :neutral_face:


First one!


Looks like some of you guys have stolen my Shiny luck now🤪


I’ve caught at least 1 shiny 4 days in a row now. I’ve never done that before.