Post your NEWEST shiny



Yep. Know some others over here who got one last week


Yes otherwise I couldn’t have caught it. Never thought to be happy with yet another clown. :rofl:


Of course you can’t catch it when it is not in the wild. I understand that. :rofl: But you could have gotten it from a trade.

Thanks for the info though, now I know I have not been Shiny checking all those clowns for nothing.


Just netted another winter coat eevee… but honestly… meh!:neutral_face:


Makuhita’s one of my favorite shinies, and I went after every Makuhita I saw for seven months to finally find a second one between Terrakion raids today.


Still don’t have Makka either.


Woop! Wwwhhhoooooppp!!!
Strike number 23 off my “overdue shinies” list… Slurm has been caught!

…and… BONUS!!! A green Gong-o too!!!
Woop! Wwwhhhooooooppp!!!


Wow! :star_struck: First day of the event, first hour, new shiny! :four_leaf_clover:


First one



One as I was going to work; the other as I was coming back.


Nice, y’all. I really like that Electrike.
This I got from a 7-day reward. 93 IV (15 atk)


I think it only took three or four Burmy in total to find this one.


After quite some time of no or at least only totally boring shinies (I’m looking at you, my fourth shiny Moltres…) I FINALLY got my first shiny Onix! :star_struck:
(I was at the office when I tapped on it, and it was quite hard not to yell “shiny!!” all over the place :joy:)



Wild or Raid? I’m wondering which will have better odds for finding that shiny. (I’d hate to sink ten raid passes into tier-1 Burmy raids only to find they are more likely to be shiny in wild encounters…)


It was a wild encounter.


Isn’t the shiny raid from wild encounter similar to from raid or research or egg?


I think their odds are all the same. The shiny from a raid just costs more.


Only did my 5 Free Raids today.
Shiny Rates boosted and all evolutions could be Shiny as I saw Shiny Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venasaur on the family accts.

Happy mine wasn’t the Grass one.

Go Plus also picked this up between Raids.