Post your NEWEST shiny



Double lucky – first catches posted here for both, and both catches the same day. Congrats!

Were both wild catches? Or were either of them raid bosses?


Both are wild catches. One is from my home spawn point!



Few of my newest shiny pokemon are from lucky friend trades. I’m thinking of trading a shiny Swampert (mud shot/hydro cannon) in a lucky trade for a shiny Swampert same moveset. I’ve read it’s an effective counter against Giovanni. Any suggestions or advice are appreciated.


My first couch-shiny!


Weird tentacool, thanks Niantic


Not a moment too soon.



That tentacool is only a little weirder than that mankey (or little green powder puff, as I like to call it). That’s one thing I like so much about the shinies. And part of why I’m always glad to find one… :grin:


True, its always fun to find one, even better if its an absolute legend like this one.


Finally a non event/CD shiny.


Number 5!


My shinies from the last 2 days.:man_facepalming:t3:


Still no Murkrow shizzle for me 1572 encounters in…

Anyhoo… after a frustrating time on vacation in Florida trying to nab billions of un-catchable sun-boosted non-shiny Torchic, I returned to the comfort of my couch in rain-soaked England to be greeted with this orangey fat parrot

It was my second so I immediately evolved it into the Nazca Lines inspired hummingbird thingy…


I still know that I had been searching forever for the Yellow Head Magnet boy and finally found it on the very last Magnemite check at the beginning of this month, not knowing I’d get another one at the very end of the month, without even trying that much:


My first shadow shiny :sunglasses:


Research box


Still don’t have the frosty bird :disappointed:



Is Shiny Mr. Mime still in the wild?