Post your NEWEST shiny



Got my second Reddy Ratty a minute after my friend found his first Shiny Lillipup (but I tapped on it🤪) and that happened a minute after I was wondering why we hadn’t encountered a Shiny in the last two days. Lol.


Wow, another one?!


The latest entry in my Long Sought and Finally Caught list:


Already had one of these; but it’s still one of my favorite shinies.


Is your Regigigas event going on right now? :rofl:




Currently on vacation in the land of Carnivines so I’ll have to be brief, but I was surprised and delighted to snaffle a shiny shadow Scyther from a Rocket Boss battle this morning… Good IVs too - 87% but would be 96% if I ever purify…

Mrs c. nabbed 2 sparklies as well… a shiny piney and a pink-footed meow meow fuzzyface (sorry no pics)


Ever since I caught my first one of these I wanted another for my alt account. I finally caught my second, half a year later . . . on the same account. (So the search goes on!)


Team Rocket shiny! :rocket:


I’d give you one of mine, I dread checking diglett now.


A couple of green shinies I had been wanting for ages that I caught today.


Finally! :smiley:



Nice, I would definitely power it up if I have gotten one. I have a 96% regular one.


First I power up my 91% a little more.




After this afternoon’s poor raiding it was really nice to have a double shiny night!



This is my lucky day! :four_leaf_clover: I caught 2 new shinies that I didn’t have and my 2 new Poke stops appeared in the game! :star_struck: