Post your NEWEST shiny



I didn’t have Regice yet; but today both of my accounts got 3, including a shiny.


i dont know what to write, I wasnt expecting this.


Well, there was this…

And there was this…



Not as good as Ryan’s, but still a neat shiny.


At least we can both take comfort in the fact that these particular shinies are pretty much worthless. And definitely a neat shiny, it was the one I was going for



What many people in my city of Denver look like after 420, I assure you.


Picked up Saturday night.


Hatched this blue-eyed meerkat! XD


I was so, so happy to see this popping up. I always for events Magnemite is boosted in, and now it finally happened, in a weekend I almost can’t play. Spent the only two hours I had last Saturday on finding the golden Magnemite, but without success. Couldn’t do any Tier 5 Raids either. On Sunday I was only going for my Stamp and that was it, because I didn’t have more time. Today, I planned to do my regular walk, but ended up going to a few more Magnemite and Geodude. Glad I did, because the very last Magnemite tap was a golden one! :smiley::+1: Shiny Magnemite has always been one of my favourites.


I finally found this gold nugget! :star_struck: :1st_place_medal: :trophy:


And it’s high level too! Congrats


Wasn’t expecting this one again so soon.


Caught this on the Go Plus from any one of a multitude of speed restriction road works on the 50-60min drive to a nest on the opposite side of the City I’m trying to farm atm.


Hatched this golden fried-egg double-yolker from a purple eggo today.
Frankly, it was the least I deserved after the torrent of crud I’ve had recently: Feebas, Porygon, Aerodactyl and endless Beldum, Larvae and Drosstini… (still don’t have Deino or Ferroseed)
Anyhoo, all of that is forgotten after hitting the shiny jackpot. :grin: (Shame about the IVs)…:thinking:



Also, those red Meowth don’t seem to be that hard. Played with two phones today, my friend’s and mine. Got two Shiny Meowth (only 30 minutes apart) for him, and another Green Drunkie for myself.

(second Meowth)
Good thing he doesn’t really care about keeping Shinies, so I’m getting both the Meowths and all the other Shinies he has, soon.


XD are you extorting him?


Hey! Don’t reveal my secret! :stuck_out_tongue::joy: