Post your NEWEST shiny



Halloween shiny with good IV! :star_struck:


Did not see this one coming…


Congrats! Shiny and great IVs is a rare find. :slight_smile:


New hatch!


Although I seem not to be able to catch any Ghost-type Shinies, I did get the one that has eluded me the most since its Shiny release today. :blush:



My first Shiny Shuppet


Then I would have helped him with Zigzagoon, which I have 3 of available to trade,




Pink Easter Bunny for Halloween? :man_shrugging: It’s like an episode of Buffy! :crazy_face:


This one managed to dodge the meteor back in his days.


This is the third nude Pokémon I’ve caught in my hometown recently… I’m starting to think there’s a Secret Naturist Exhibitionist All-Swinging All-Luvin’ Society (S.N.E.A.S.E.L.S). :thinking::dizzy_face::grinning:


Around this time of the year this is the first which I think of as a Dutch. :joy:


Not even ”Ze smelten de paashaas”
Do not look this up on YouTube. Thou has been warned

Disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:


Forgot about those guys. That first results…:rofl:


Pleasant click on by accident. Was trying to click on the Gym to start the first Raid hour Darkrai and got the old pick up Pokémon on the other side.
Only Shiny this event.


I was also lucky to find another one!




And an Aron chaser the next day.


Finally got a shiny Poochenya and a third roselia