Post your NEWEST shiny



You are so damn lucky. I might catch a new shiny at next month CD with my current luck…


Without those sparkles including the symbol, it’s really hard to tell this is a shiny because Pikachu is mostly covered by the costume, but congratulations @Jormdeworm, you still have a week to get your shiny ghosts. Thanks to this event, I got my first shiny Gastly (I had shiny Gengar before)


I know. I did not realise it was Shiny so I was almost too late for the sparkles. :sweat_smile: Just like the Shiny Plusle I caught a few days ago. That went the same way.


My first non CD shiny since September 24. This one was great, because I couldn’t participate on Turtwig day.


I also missed that CD, but we get a lot of Turtwig here so I’m hoping to land one. If not, there’s always December. lol


I made the most of it



Nowt for a week, then 2 critters out of 3 lurking in the shrubbery…
…a steadfastly non-migratory avian, followed swiftly by a ginger varmint…

Zigzagoon shiny catch rate now 1 out of 1404 - hurrah and #SHINALLY! :grin:


Got two Shinies for me friend today: a Drifloon and a Yamask. None for myself, but my friend is going to trade his Shinies to me as he doesn’t really care.


It was his first ever Yamask.


Was quite shocked to see this appear.


Super Excited!! totally worth taking a break from CoD


They seem to have a high Shiny rate. 1/20 I believe. Though none of them have shined for me yet.


That’s what I heard. Still happy I got it on my first costumed charmander raid. Did squirtle and bulba but they weren’t shiny.


Now this is a research task reward




Got another one this morning walking dogs


My first Shiny Pinsir


Fifth Shiny during this event, yet again no Ghost-type. :man_shrugging:


Congrats on your first shiny Pinsir, @bobbyjack8.

I’ll gladly trade you another shiny Pinsir for that dust. (If only we could…)