Post your NEWEST shiny



That’s number five of these. :man_facepalming:


Finally landed one that has been eluding me.



NIce one. Wanna trade?


Already saved it for your friend in Rijswijk :joy:


I know. Was sitting next to him yesterday while he pas planning the trade.:joy: But I have better dogs then him. :stuck_out_tongue:




Also, I seem to be getting more off-event Shinies than event Shinies this event. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Got this in the morning. Still no shiny regional though


It’s almost been a year since I’ve hatched my last Shiny. :tired_face:


It has been a few thousand catches since my last non-CD shiny… :cry::sneezing_face:


Who needs a shiny regional when you got a shiny Alola? Nice Grimer.


Another one high on the Long-Saught-Finally-Caught list (actively hunted for longer than 15 months for one of these)



Getting frustrated seems to work (it’s a Drifloon)



Shinies that I’m shocked not to have yet:

  • Zigzagoon
  • Poochyena
  • Buneary

I have caught SO MANY of these three! lol


I have caught these two the most of all at full odds, haha. Even hatched a Shiny Poochyena last year. If international trading was possible, I could give you the complete Shiny families of both of them.


I’d trade you buneary if international trading was a thing I’ve caught 4 shinies.
I’m surprised I haven’t found a shiny pidgey or sunkern yet


For me it’s Natu that keeps eluding me, and also Magikarp has only shown up in gold once after I don’t know how many checks. Way more than 1000 at least.


Here’s my shiny list with only what I have, not my dex entries. The list will increase when o evolve some of my Shiny’s.


@Ryan21: See … I now have a shiny Pidgey and have caught TWO shiny Sunkern. Oddly enough, I’ve landed THREE shiny Aron. lol

@Jormdeworm: Yes! Natu is another one that has eluded me. I have checked like 900 of them.


Got this darker colored costumed cutie, which is maybe one of the rarest Shinies in game, but I just want to know why I can’t find Shiny Ghosties. Lol