Post your NEWEST shiny






My house spawns are :sparkles: brilliant! :sparkles:


In my office at work


In my shrubbery again this morning… I’m saying nothing, but he certainly smelled a bit funky… :wink:


Saw a classmate of mine (level 16) get her first shiny. It’s a Castform lol


I don’t even have that. :yum:


I rarely see someone getting a Shiny Castform or hear someone about catching it, so that’s definitely a nice one.


I caught 8 shiny Castforms on Lotad community day (but only 1 shiny Lotad, go figure), and haven’t seen another since then.


Same. I actually got rid of most of them. I even ran away from a couple. I encountered 10 that day. lol

Just 1 shiny Lotad between my friend and I though.


I have 3 shiny cast forms, been saving two for trades just in case :joy::joy:


Mrs. celery is working from home today… she just sent me these pics…

Machop turd strikes again!!! :crazy_face::grinning:


Finally found this guy!! Only took a hundred checks or so, found him by the fire station


Had to turn it so you could see the green shell. lol


When I encountered it I wondered if it was a Shiny or not. Turned out it was.


Had quite a bit of shiny luck today… I put it all down to my new aftershave - Parfum Merde de Machop by Givenchy :wink:

Anyhoo is this Sneasel shiny or is this Sneasel merely nude?

Then I took a stroll through the local graveyard…

And at dusk the birds of a green feather began to flock together…

Very pleased :grinning:


Number 5.



Was pleased to stumble across another yellow fellow Thursday night; but didn’t get around to uploading it yesterday…


Yesterday was a better than average day for someone who’s Shiny/Catch rate is one of if not the worst on this site.

Another in my office and actually remembered to screen shot before catching.

On the way home from work.

Last night while out with Mrs Kanga doing our usual weekend Gym tear up session.


Caught this one on Saturday.