Post your NEWEST shiny




Another from my list of Shinies Long Sought And Finally Got:


The windy conditions brought a glut of flying pokemon to my town today.
One swoopy-soaring bird was the wrong colour… :open_mouth::grinning:


Hatched my first Shiny Scyther! Trash IVs, but whatever.


Forgot to share this last Monday, I see. It was a good way to start of the week, especially after 2,5 weeks without seeing any sparkles. :yum:


My shiny luck continues :star_struck:


One more won’t hurt, I guess.


2 nights ago in my office at work.

Yesterday on the way to work.
Second one of these.


Hatched this.


Got a little GoPlus surprise yesterday and a Lucky Friend traded me a shiny Giratina. Guess I’ll slow down on legendary raids now until the next boss appears…


Fourth sofa shizzle since the spawn reshuffle (3 for me, 1 for Mrs c).
From the more subtle end of shiny colour swaps and largely useless… but hey! - it’s sparkly :wink:


Hatched this tonight. In three years I had only hatched one shiny, now I’ve hatched one on back-to-back days. lol


This just spawned at my house! :star_struck: :ghost:


Newest Shiny Giratina, and I would level this one up!


House spawn :heart_eyes:


Baby Hulk seen hanging ‘round the shubbery in my backyard this afternoon :grinning:


That squat looks suspicious – was it fertilizing your shrubbery when you caught it or something?


:rofl: Magic Machop poop… makes everything shiny! - $10 a bag! :moneybag::dollar:


Getting close to almost a year since this came out as Shiny if my memory serves me well?
Better late than never to get first one.



Make it a better alliteration by using the french word for poop lol